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Welcome to our Maiensäss high above Zurich

Once you're inside there's nothing hotel like about the Maiensass - even the light switches are wooden. It's a detailed recreation of an alpine hut which can seat a maximum of 35 people. If you want a cozy place for your cheese or meat fondue, or cheese or grill raclette the Maiensass is hard to beat.

Even though it’s so close to the city you will feel as if you are in the Graubünden mountains

You can look forward to a delicious cheese or meat fondue in the Maiensäss on the Uetliberg. (A Maiensäss is a small alpine settlement.)

October to February:
Monday to Sunday
6 9.30pm

March and April:
Thursday to Sunday
6 9.30pm

We accept reservations for groups of two or more. As we have a limited number of seats, we recommend booking in advance. For reservations for more than 10, please contact us by e-mail or on +41 44 457 66 77.


The Maiensäss is probably the most extraordinary seminar room around Zurich and is also perfect for a Christmas or team dinner.