Hiking on the Uetliberg

The Uetliberg is the most popular daytrip destination in and around Zurich. It’s easy to reach and offers impressive views of the city of Zurich, Lake Zurich and the Alpine panorama.

Hiking to the Uetliberg

The Uto Kulm – the peak of the Uetliberg at 871 meters above sea level – is an attractive hiking destination from the city of Zurich.

At the peak are several hiking routes and trails with spectacular views, which are also easy to manage by families with children. Hiking to the peak of the Uetliberg is possible from various parts of the city and takes about one hour:

  1. From Albisgüetli (terminus on tram line 13), the Denzlerweg is full of variety and takes you to the peak in a fairly straight direction.
  2. Also starting at Albisgüetli, the Laternenweg leads to the top slightly further west.
  3. Hohensteinweg will take you from Triemli (terminus on tram line 14) up along a mountain shoulder. This trail is especially popular as a toboggan run in the winter.
  4. A forest trail leads from the parking lot in Uitikon-Waldegg to the peak. This path is less steep than the others.

Hiking trails around the Uetliberg

Numerous paths and tracks – including real mountain trails – lead through the forested area. The best-known trail is the spectacular Gratweg from Uetliberg via Felsenegg to the Albis Pass or further across the Albishorn to Sihlbrugg village. On holidaycheck.ch, by the way, the Uetliberg is one of the highest-rated destinations – it will enchant you too.